Company profile

1976 to 2021

EXIS SILVER JEWELLERY was founded in 1976 in Athens by Theodoros Diamantopoulos, promising new designs for High Quality Silver jewellery that will bring innovation and emotions for end consumers.

The promise was kept throughout the years with our group of Designers, under the direction of the founder of the company.

Since 2007 EXIS in its effort for perfection and innovation creates unique jewellery lines using premium quality European crystals.

EXIS SILVER jewellery has launched its international presence and is available through a sales network of retailers in many Balkan and European countries.

The Philosophy

Our company's culture is based on creativity with differentiation and individuality with high quality materials and high standards in production.

Our vision is to keep the promise we made years ago with values like teamwork, responsibility, discipline.

Quality for the end consumer is key priority for us, and we are committed to fulfilling our promises.

All production phases are completed in our facilities in Athens to secure quality control and our high quality standards.

Our retail shops personnel is trained to offer services and convey the unique features of our jewellery to end consumers.

Vision for the future

Our goal is to provide complete satisfaction offering designs, products and emotions that meets the different demands of modern times.

EXIS has planned to create an extensive network of exclusive retail outlets in the Greek Market and exclusive distribution in international markets.